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How to Disassemble

How to disassemble the Anchormate®

Anchormate DisassemblyAnchormate Parts
  1. When disassembly is required for lubrication, maintenance, or repairs, follow these instructions carefully. When ordering replacement parts be sure to list both part number and description.
  2. Insert screwdriver under edge of cover (3) opposite crank knob (8). Pry upwards until cover (3) clears handle (4) using care to protect finish. Slide cover (3) along handle (4) to crank knob (8).
  3. Note position of control arm (20) as it straddles free end of brake spring (6). Remove release knob (7) and control arm (20).
  4. Remove nut (18N), bolt (18B), lock washer (18W), and cupped washers (17).
  5. Lay reel base (1) on flat surface (table, etc.). Grasp handle (4) with right hand placing forefinger on free end of brake spring (6). Exert clockwise pressure on brake spring (6) and handle (4) simultaneously, and gently lift them off leaving small axle spring (10) on axle (1).
  6. To remove axle spring (10), grasp hook end of spring with pliers. Turn clockwise and pull up simultaneously with pliers. Remove spool (2) and bearing washer (19).

NOTE: Before lubrication and assembly, clean both springs in a grease-removing solvent. Remove old grease from all pans of reel. 

IMPORTANT! If a solvent is used, be certain that it will not remove paint. 


Anchormate Assembly Video

Anchormate Dis-assembly Video